Quick Start Guide

Welcome, New Edem Pilots!

We are glad that you are interested in joining our fleets. For this purpose, you need to complete some easy steps described below.

Join in-game channel: New Galaxy Age, NGA Skill Plans, NGA-Booster

Add mailing lists:

  • to receive main information about community: New Galaxy Age 
  • for trading: New Galaxy Age-Trade
  • to get fleet fittings: 
    • NGA Fittings HQ AS
    • NGA Fittings Logi
    • NGA Fittings VG

Requirements to join the Fleet


  1. Get familiar with RULES.
  2. Check your skills if they meet at least “yellow” level in the Skillcheck. 
  3. Configure TeamSpeak.
  4. Configure ship/broadcasts/overview and get familiar with NPC Targets. 
  5. Fit some ship from the allowed in game mailing list “NGA Fittings HQ AS”
  6. Get into the FLEET.
  7. Continue upgrading your fits..

TeamSpeak. Rules & configuration


Server address: ts.pekitel.ru

Nickname: “your exact in-game nick, same as in a fleet

Configure your voice activation via Push-To-Talk button.

  • If you are in “WL” squad in the fleet – join “Wait room” in TS.
  • If you are in the “MF” squad in the fleet – join “HQ” room in TS.

Every pilot must be in TeamSpeak and follow FCs directions.

Logistics pilots. Having a microphone is mandatory and the player must be able to answer in voice.

Important for everyone. Requests or commands said in voice in the TeamSpeak involving you should be made in form:

“<in-game nick>, <role or ship type>, <question>”

For example:

“James Bond 007, Vindi, can go to the station to fill up some voids?”.

“Vita, Vindi, full agro”.

Ship/Broadcasts/Overview configurations

 Ship configurations

Safety mode. Make sure your safe mode is set to GREEN!

Alarms. When you are in space, click the “hamburger” configuration button and choose “Configure Ship Health Alert Settings”.

Make sure your Shield/Armor/Hull alarms are turned on and configure your shield alert to start alarming approximately at 98% level.

Drones. Your Drones should be in passive mode with “Focus Fire” turned on. When you are in space, click the “hamburger” configuration button in the “Drones” window and set “Passive” with “Focus Fire” configs on.  

Duels. Open Eve settings menu and move to General Settings category. Put tick next to “Auto Reject Invitation” under “Dueling” category. Also set “0 Targets” for “Auto Target Back” under “Inflight” category.

 Broadcasts configuration

    1. Shield broadcast

Must be given when “YELLOW” frames appear for Sansha NPC in the overview.

    1. Capacitor broadcast

You may ask for capacitor when you really need it, when ~15-25% of your capacitor is left.

Important. If Outune Mesen sansha NPC is present in the grid, player under attack by this NPC must make this broadcast together with Shield broadcast. All other players are not allowed to make capacitor broadcasts while Outune Mesen is alive.

  1. In position broadcast. Used when NPC stop attacking you (switch to “Yellow” frames or frames disappear at all) or when you do not need capacitor (40% and more).
  2. Spotted an enemy broadcast. Used by logistics on LC (logistics anchor) request.

How to configure

Overview configuration

How to join fleet

How to “X-UP”

If you are flying for the first time, first of all, search for any fleet commander (FC) in the NGA channel or in TeamSpeak guest room and ask for the First Time Briefing.

When you join the fleet, there will be no time for very basic things, that’s why, it is better to find someone and ask simple questions before joining the fleet. 

Read the NGA channel MOTD. Make sure that 

  • you are on the same “STATION”,
  • fleet is flying or at least is in “forming” stage 
  • you are on the format ship with correct fit.

In the NGA channel put dot and drag your active fit from simulator.

Important. Do not “X-Up” your saved fit. X-Up only your active ship fit. 

Main fleet (MFL) or Waiting list (WL)

Main fleet (MFL) – fleet which is flying at the moment. When there are more people than allowed in the sansha fleet (maximum 40 people on the site), then newcomers are put on the “Waiting list” (WL) and people are invited to the MFL once free place appears.

Note: sometimes people are invited from WL based on the role and/or ship type needed in the MFL.

How to catch-up fleet

When you are invited into the Main fleet, join HQ room in the TeamSpeak. 

Undock and ask for permission to warp on FC. If permission received, then find FC name in Fleet MOTD message, right click on FC and warp to him.

Watch list

Logistics pilots have to add following people into their watch list:

  1. Bonuses (repaired without “Broadcast”)
  2. FC (repaired without “Broadcast”)
  3. FC assistant (repaired without “Broadcast”)
  4. DDD pilots (for RTC/RSB)

Ship Replacement Program (SRP)


SRP is a program provided by the NGA community to replace lost ships due to other people or FCs mistakes made in the fleet. You can insure yourself from such cases by doing money transfer . The amount of compensation equals to the price of the lost ship and destroyed modules. Modules which dropped will be returned to you.

Note: if you die because you haven’t broadcasted on time or you were not in correct position in the grid, it is your fault and insurance does not cover such cases.

How to insure?

Transfer money to the corporation: EDcorporation


  • For marauders – 30 million.
  • For all other ships – 20 million.

Insurance lifetime:

  • Begins –
    • Immediately – if you made transfer before entering the site.
    • If you already in the site and made money transfer then from the next site.
  • Ends – valid till next eve regular Downtime (DT).

Upgrade policies

T1 and non-format ships

You are given roughly 9 days since the moment you join fleet for the first time in order to change your ship to the one meeting format requirements (Vindicator, Nightmare, Machariel). 

You are given additional 23 days to upgrade fitting from standard to veteran (without augmented ogres drones).

You are given additional 15 days to learn T2 heavy drones, fit augmented ogres and plug-in 6% required implants. 

In total you have 47 days since your first flight in the fleet to learn, fit and fly veteran fleet format ship in veteran fitting and with 6% implants in your head.

We are happy to new people that’s why all exceptions and individuals plans can be discussed and came up to some agreement with individual upgrade plan with FCs!

Last word before…

We are happy for every pilot joining our fleets. Remember, improving your ship’s fitting you increase efficiency of the whole fleet, as a result, higher isk earning for you and the rest of the fleet. Moreover, it helps to grow bigger and more powerful community. Help us to be number one Sansha Incrusions community!

Fly safe & rich! 


  • What the hell is incursion and why do I need it?

Full description is provided here (http://newgalaxyage.ru/incursions). Brief idea is that Sansha pirates accidentally choose constellation in high-sec and attack it. In that constellation some sites similar to complexes appear. Some of them can be completed with a fleet of 10 (VG), 20 or 40 (HQ) pilots. Incursion communities organize such fleets and when site is completed, whole fleet receive isks to their wallet. Earning amount varies from 80mil/hour for 10 people fleets and from 120mil/hour for 40 people fleets.

  • When does fleet usually start to form?

It depends on the availability of FCs. Usually forming of 40 people fleet (HQ) starts at 15:00 eve time on working days and at 12:00-13:00 eve time on weekends.

  • Why am I asked about “my efficiency/positions/fits/narcotics/etc” in the fleet all the time?

It’s simple! There are known tactics how to complete sites in the most efficient and quickest way. As a result, the more powerful and skillful fleet is (each fleet member has maximum possible dps and has excellent understanding how mechanics work) the less time it takes to complete one site and, as a consequence, more sites are completed per hour and everyone in the fleet receives more ISKs. That’s why, upgrade your fits, increase your DPS, improve webs/etc and learn how to kill NPCs in less time.

  • Can I fly with you if I don’t want to leave my corporation?

Of course. NGA is an open-community, it is not a corporation. However, for your own safety, make sure that there are no Active Wars in your corporation and it is safe to fly in high-sec space. Also do not forget that usually corporations have taxes and they reduce your Isk/hour earning.

  • Can I join fleet with my raven/rokh/barghest/hyperion?

Our community goal – provide players with opportunity of effective farming. 

It is achievable only if each fleet member seeks increasing his own efficiency in DPS, Tanks, Speed, etc. Format ships have better characteristics than T1 ships or some other ships when they are compared taking into account sites completing details.

  • Can I join fleet with my non-format ship?

Yes, you can, but with some limitations and for a limited time period. 

See non-format fits available at the mail List “NGA Fittings HQ AS” & “NGA Fittings Logi and” “Upgrade policies” section.

  • Can I join fleet with a format ship but my own fitting?

FC has full right not to accept non-standard fits. However, all FCs are ready to help you with advice on how to change your fit so that you are still able to join fleet. 

Be careful when following some random people from in game chat channels advice. The official list of current FCs is here (http://newgalaxyage.ru/about/team).

  • How can I join NGA fleet?
  • How long does NGA fleet fly?

Usually til 21-22:00 eve time. 

  • How long should I fly in the fleet when I’ve joined it?

It depends only on you, while fleet is up and you follow community rules you can fly as long as you want. It can be 1 completed site or till FCs decides to dock the fleet.

  • I was banned by FC. Who can I complain to?

Common community Rules cover almost all possible situations. However, if there are not described situations or misinterpretations because of which you were muted or banned in the NGA, it is always possible to send a complaint to in-game players Diagram Oksaras and/or Xander Lv

Important note. FC of active fleet is God. All his/her orders should be followed without any delay. If you disagree with FC, still complete his/her order and only then ask for clarification and/or send a complaint to in-game players Diagram Oksaras and/or Xander Lv.